Outfit your ENTIRE Kitchen with DIY storage solutions!

WIN up to $1200 in Pull Out Shelves

Why Miracle Shelves™?

- Product Features and Benefits for your Home -

  • Double your storage space in a day!

    Easy access to everything in your pantry and cupboards. Stay organized with proper rotation of your kitchen product. Don’t break your back looking for things deep in a shelf.

  • Customize your shelves for a perfect fit!

    Our shelves come in three width sizes allowing you to select the closest fit, or cut down to match your cupboard or pantry perfectly. Standard 22″ and 18″ length.

  • Our Shelves = Lifetime Warranty!

    That’s right. We guarantee our shelving kits to be free from manufacturer’s defects for as long as you own and live in your home.

  • Organization and proper rotation of product

    Out of sight out of mind? That leads to wasting. Pull out shelves allow you to rotate the product that you spend your money on!


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See how the first DIY installs are going

Jackie Kade Sr. Jackie Kade Sr., Retired/Volunteer Builder

I was fortunate to partake in the testing the first Miracle Shelves kits to ship to customers. I installed nine shelves in my kitchen and two in my Son's tiny home project. I plan to introduce these into our Volunteer Projects across the State.

Dave and Jennifer Jakes Dave and Jennifer Jakes, Instrumentation Tech & Teacher

Talk about organization! We have always felt bad when product expires and have to throw things out... Now we know exactly what's in our cupboards, and why  🙂

Susie Brodimas Susie Brodimas, Mother/Insurance Broker

I am not very skilled with tools but my husband Jim and I made a good team and got our entire bathroom and our kitchen pantry done in a weekend. I spend a lot of time cooking and these shelves save me time and keep me organized!

Mike Deroche Mike Deroche, Golf Course Owner

I took my time on a rainy Sunday afternoon and customized my Miracle Shelves by cutting them down with a skillsaw. My son helped me assemble them (straight-forward with glue and screws) and now my kitchen is equipped with five sliding shelves.