Transform A Dresser Into A Kitchen Island To Increase Your Storage

kitchen storage One morning I was at Goodwill and stopped dead in my tracks: there was an old dresser that was around the same height as my kitchen cabinets, and something clicked. It was $45, and although I did not have a measuring tape with me to ensure that it would fit, I went ahead and paid for it. I am either very lucky or have a really good eye, since the dresser was exactly the right height. The only thing we needed to do was take the top of the dresser off and install a counter-top. We started working on the project the following weekend.

I don’t have any “before” photos. I forgot to take any pictures while I was working on my projects. I guess I wasn’t all there at the time. However, I can promise that it wasn’t that difficult.

We use the following:

A solid wood dresser that is close to the same height as your cabinets. ($45)

2″ X 2″ X 8″ pressure treated lumber that we cut into 3 4″ pieces (already owned)

3 Corbel (These are the wood shelf brackets)

Finish nail gun (already owned)

Wood putty for filling screw holes

Drill (already owned)

1.5 drywall screws (already owned)

Your choice of wood. We made ours out of two butcher block boards that were 16″ X 48″ X 1″. After we trimmed it the measurement was 32″ X 44″ (our cost was $28)

Paint — or you can leave it unpainted. (already owned)

kitchen island storageThe first thing that we had to do was take the top off of the dresser in order to replace it with a counter-top. We installed the corbels next. If you discover that your screws won’t countersink, and instead stick out past the corbel’s surface, take a drill bit that is slightly bigger than the screw head and drill deep enough into the corbels to allow the screw head to go just below the surface or flush with it. Once you have the corbels secured to the supports, then you can use wood putty to fill the screw heads with, and then paint over them.

The drawers are stiff and I am thinking of retrofitting them with sliding rails and possibly some Miracle Shelve (of which we know so well…). You can see how it increases kitchen storage space here. To be continued.

After we completed that process, then we installed the counter-top. We used a nail gun to nail it to the dresser’s perimeter and the top of the corbels. The final thing that we need to do was use stainable wood filler to fill the holes in with. I stained the island and counter-top white. We also added two stools that we got from Goodwill to complete the setup.

The Best Way To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

We all love things that are free. The next best thing to things that are free are things that help us to save money. We particularly love things that help us to save money while buying something that is actually going to really improve our lives and add real value to our home. So here is a money saving, home improvement real value added project that you will love for years to come.

Pull Out Cabinet Organizer Kitchen Pots And Pans

Pot Lids have a new Home!

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and for good reason. When it comes to home improvement, kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the house in terms of appearance, functionality and usefulness. Anyone who spends any real time in a kitchen knows that a high priority is determining the best way to organize kitchen cabinets. And one of the best ways to organize a kitchen is with the effective use of pull-out shelves as cabinet organizers, and in particular, pull out shelves as cabinet organizers for pots and pans, and numerous other items found in a typical kitchen.

And here is the best part. Using pull-out shelves as cabinet organizers not only makes for a really nice functioning kitchen, but they actually save you a lot of money and time while adding real value to your home, both in terms of enjoyment and re-sale value. The savings and added value come in a number of ways. First, the cost of installing pull out shelves is a fraction of the cost of re-modeling an entire kitchen, while at the same time improving its functionality and usefulness.

Pull Out Cabinet Organizer For Pots And Pans

With pull-out shelves as cabinet organizers, you won’t be wasting money buying stuff you already have but forgot, as its so far back in the cupboards that you can’t see it or even get to it. Thirdly, using pull-out shelves as cabinet organizers for pots and pans and all kinds of other kitchen things adds real value to your home, well beyond the cost of putting them in in the first place.

Miracle Shelves pull-out shelves are perfect for getting you organized in a space you love, eliminating spending money unnecessarily on things you already have, and adding real value to your home. Great organization. Great savings. Great value. What’s not to love about that!

Tips for Kitchen Organization for Tupperware

Arguably, there is no other area in a house that will become as cluttered and difficult to manage as the Tupperware cabinet/drawer/shelf. This may seem a random statement, but if you take a moment to think about it, you will agree. Head to your kitchen right now and open the place you store your Tupperware; the chances are you will fall victim to an avalanche of plastic containers. For some reason, the Tupperware containers are rarely in order despite you being certain they were placed correctly last time you checked. This article will provide some tips on how to regain control of the messy Tupperware cabinet.

Tupperware DIY kitchen storage

1. Decluttering The Cabinet

The first step to managing a Tupperware cabinet is by decluttering the area. This sounds quite obvious and simple, but there is an art to decluttering a cabinet. Begin by removing all the items in the cabinet including the Tupperware containers, then match each container to the corresponding lid. If there is no matching lid to container, the place for that mismatched item is the trash.

It is recommended you take a moment to check the shape of the containers when decluttering as well. If you see any stains or marks on the containers, it would be a good time to consider recycling or throwing the item away. Of course, you may be tempted to keep the newer containers; however, if you don’t use them at all it may be better to dispose of them instead of having them clutter up the area.

By engaging in a decluttering activity at least once or twice a year, you are likely to find yourself avoiding the dreaded Tupperware avalanches.

2. Use A Storage System

One of the simplest ways to control any cabinet or drawer is by organizing the area, and this is the same for the Tupperware problem. Being able to see the entire array of containers you own is the biggest problem, and where the mis-matching occurs. We offer a pull out shelf solution for this problem; you can install one of our DIY pullout shelf kits with  7″ walls and keep all the containers contained, as well as gain access to ALL of your items.

3. Keeping Lids Separate

A highly beneficial suggestion is to keep the Tupperware lids separate to the containers, possibly in an entirely separate drawer. This will prevent you from squeezing both containers and lids into one small cabinet resulting in potential clutter.

4. Upgrading To Glassware

‘Upgrade’ is a cost-associate word, but it does not have to be with the upgrade from plastic to glass being cheap and smart. Not only are the glass containers better for a person’s health, but they are easier to clean and less likely to stain than the plastic Tupperware counterparts.

Storage Ideas For The Pots And Pans In Your Kitchen Cabinets

To get started, it is going to be best that you determine whether or not you want to have your cookware in plain view or hidden. This is more of a personal preference, with some people enjoying the look of pots and pans hanging. Others will want to have a look that is uncluttered and clean. If you are not someone who cooks very often, you may want to think about storing all of your pots and pans either in a closed cabinet or pantry so that they are not collecting dust and/or grease.

Kitchen Storage Ideas for Pans and Pots

If you want to have your pans in clear view, go with a suspended pot rack. The obvious choice for a storage option here will be a pot rack that you can suspend over a kitchen peninsula or island. Just be sure that the rack is mounted up high enough so that everyone’s head is going to clear the cookware, yet not too high so that you are unable to reach everything. It is not all that uncommon for pot racks to be made from recycled window frames, ladders or doors.

Linear Wall Rack
If you want to have a more streamlined look, you can arrange pots and pants in a line on your wall by way of a linear rack. A linear rack is going to be nice if you want to have easy access to your pots and pans, yet without them taking center stage in your space. This is also a smarter option if you have a smaller kitchen, such as a galley, as it will take up much less space.

above pot and pan shelfAbove Range Shelf

When you use your cookware daily, you can look for storage on a shelf that is just above the range. If you have your cookware out in the open and it is used for cooking often, you will need to have a vent that is able to pull the grease out of the air and an exhaust that brings it outside so that all for the pots and pans will not be covered in grease.

Hung Under The Island

If you have an island and you are not sure if you want to have pots and pans hanging in the open, you can hang them under your island with the right hardware.

Deep Drawers

This will work beautifully for storing your cookware. However, if you love to cook, you need to make sure that you have enough drawer space to set all of the pots and pans in one layer. They will be easier to see and to reach in and pull out. Separate areas for lids will also help to keep the drawers neat and simple to use.

DIY Shelf Kits are an excellent option for these situations, and you can retrofit them to any space. Doing-it-yourself keeps the investment down and allows you to customize your storage options. Pull out shelves can support up to 100lbs and we all know that stacked pots can get quite heavy!

Six Upgrades To Your Kitchen In A Weekend

6 Upgrades You Can Make To Your Kitchen In Just A Weekend

Fortunately, it is still possible for your kitchen to be the place that you cherish and love – a place that you don’t merely tolerate but truly enjoy. The following 6 small changes are all easy upgrades you can do that will go a very long way towards making you feel more upbeat and organized while in your kitchen.

1. Change or Add Lighting

kitchen lighting upgradeIf you have dim lighting in your kitchen, or you don’t like the overhead fixture, simple change it! It is a lot easier than it might sound to change overhead light fixtures. You may also want to consider under-cabinet lighting. Just that one change you might you feel like you’ve literally finally seen the light.

2. Change shelf or drawer liners.

Do you even remember when you changed your shelf liners last? Or maybe you don’t have any. When you lay a fresh nonstick liner down it gives you the chance to empty out the cabinets (and then put everything back in a more organized way), and also clean out your drawers or cabinets so that you can have a fresh start. Non-slip liners have many different uses.

3. Add a rug

My kitchen used to have ugly, gray laminate floors. It made such a big difference when I bought a red 4′ x 6′ cotton rug and put it on top a few years ago. Since then I have upgraded to FLOR tiles. They were quite easy to install. They have held up very well, and I vacuum them often.

4. Replace your faucet

It is a very straightforward and simple way of upgrading your kitchen, especially if it is a rental. Anyone can do this! Although it is true that faucets can get expensive, it is possible to get single-handle faucets as cheap as $80, and high arched, nicer faucet spouts for around $150. For something that you will using many times a day, that is a small investment to make.

5. Update your hardware

kitchen-hardware-upgradesReplacing your old pulls or knobs with something more decorative or modern can truly transform how your cabinets look, especially if you have bland, contractor-grade ones.

6. Add drawer organizers and/or pull-out shelves.

Organizer inserts and Miracle Shelves can really help you feel that you are more in control of your own kitchen.

Osteoporosis Risk Factors In The Kitchen, And Prevention

Osteoporosis affects domestic life in a variety of ways. Many people, especially the elderly, are restricted in their ability to do household chores and keep up with them when they have osteoporosis. Still, others have no issues whatsoever in their ability to keep up.

osteoperosis-kitchen-daily-lifeWe currently have six customers suffering from osteoporosis, and they have Miracle Shelves installed in their older kitchen storage spaces to aid them with their day-to-day. With the onset of this disease, this group of people stated that they did need to change how they did their everyday chores and meal preparation; they were still able to keep up, they just needed new ways to eliminate potential injury and consider osteoporosis risk factors. A particular customer, Carol, stated that she now bends at her knees and is able to lift objects close to her body, and she is more focused on how she carries her back.

It’s of course, it’s vital to understand that osteoporosis makes you more vulnerable to broken bones. You’ll be at an increased risk if you’re not practicing safe methods to lift and bend. Our Miracle Shelves team prides themselves on adding shelving convenience and storage accessibility to all our customers — and with this group it was more apparent.

We also had to learn about the illness when advising which kits would be best to install. We learned that their bones are more prone to fracture than that of you and I. They have to learn how to move differently and focus on safer practices for lifting and bending. They won’t be able to do things as they did previously. For more information on osteoporosis causes and risk factors, you can check out the National Osteoporosis Foundation; their info will help you, like it did with our preliminary research, on understanding what this disease is, as well as recognize the signs and symptoms of osteoporosis.

It is definitely challenging to retrofit someone’s home based on health needs, but it’s vital to look after your well being and prevention of injury. By simplifying and organizing new methods of doing things for our customers, they can focus on what is truly important in their life.

diy kitchen cabinets

The Value Of Roll Out Shelves in a Kitchen or Bathroom

diy kitchen cabinetsIn the average kitchen, there tends to be sizeable stretches of space in the pantries that not every kitchen builder installs shelves on. Sometimes this is tolerable enough for small cabinets and pantries where not a lot of space is lost. Other times, tall pantries the size of small closets find themselves with no shelving at all, meaning that several cubic feet of space is essentially lost. And while storing tall objects in these pantries may compensate for this shortcoming, the more people a house needs to feed, the more likely they are to want to be able to store more food to feed them, be they a trio of children and a spouse or just a veritable army of pets.  Read more

Customized Pull Out Shelves Keeping You Organized

sliding shelf hardwareCabinets aid in the organization of items in the house. However, it can be difficult at times to search frantically for an item located at the back-most part of the shelf. In addition, these cabinets consume a lot of space when compared to cabinets with pull out shelves.

Pull out shelves help you to easily find and organize items. They reduce the pain and stress since you never have to stoop or kneel just to locate an item. This makes them more user-friendly even to people that are physically challenged as well as seniors.

Installing pull out shelving is also quite affordable. Miracle Shelves have affordable kits but also run frequent monthly discounts or holiday giveaways. When compared to bathroom or kitchen renovation, installing roll-out shelving helps you save money. Pull out shelves do not require renovation of cabinets meaning that you never have to spend much to customize your cabinets. Pull out shelves can be installed without having to change the dimensions of your existing cabinets.  Read more

slide out shelves

5 Benefits Of Pull Out Shelves

slide out shelvesAlthough cabinets make it much easier to organize your house/kitchen, searching for an item at the back-most part of the shelf can be draining. This is mainly because you have to get past other items stored in the cabinet, which makes it a little harder. It is for this reason many people today are going for pull out shelves that are easier to use, and even more practical.  Discussed below are some of the reasons why you too should go for pull out shelves for your house or office.  Read more