Transform A Dresser Into A Kitchen Island To Increase Your Storage

kitchen storage One morning I was at Goodwill and stopped dead in my tracks: there was an old dresser that was around the same height as my kitchen cabinets, and something clicked. It was $45, and although I did not have a measuring tape with me to ensure that it would fit, I went ahead and paid for it. I am either very lucky or have a really good eye, since the dresser was exactly the right height. The only thing we needed to do was take the top of the dresser off and install a counter-top. We started working on the project the following weekend.

I don’t have any “before” photos. I forgot to take any pictures while I was working on my projects. I guess I wasn’t all there at the time. However, I can promise that it wasn’t that difficult.

We use the following:

A solid wood dresser that is close to the same height as your cabinets. ($45)

2″ X 2″ X 8″ pressure treated lumber that we cut into 3 4″ pieces (already owned)

3 Corbel (These are the wood shelf brackets)

Finish nail gun (already owned)

Wood putty for filling screw holes

Drill (already owned)

1.5 drywall screws (already owned)

Your choice of wood. We made ours out of two butcher block boards that were 16″ X 48″ X 1″. After we trimmed it the measurement was 32″ X 44″ (our cost was $28)

Paint — or you can leave it unpainted. (already owned)

kitchen island storageThe first thing that we had to do was take the top off of the dresser in order to replace it with a counter-top. We installed the corbels next. If you discover that your screws won’t countersink, and instead stick out past the corbel’s surface, take a drill bit that is slightly bigger than the screw head and drill deep enough into the corbels to allow the screw head to go just below the surface or flush with it. Once you have the corbels secured to the supports, then you can use wood putty to fill the screw heads with, and then paint over them.

The drawers are stiff and I am thinking of retrofitting them with sliding rails and possibly some Miracle Shelve (of which we know so well…). You can see how it increases kitchen storage space here. To be continued.

After we completed that process, then we installed the counter-top. We used a nail gun to nail it to the dresser’s perimeter and the top of the corbels. The final thing that we need to do was use stainable wood filler to fill the holes in with. I stained the island and counter-top white. We also added two stools that we got from Goodwill to complete the setup.