Storage Ideas For The Pots And Pans In Your Kitchen Cabinets

To get started, it is going to be best that you determine whether or not you want to have your cookware in plain view or hidden. This is more of a personal preference, with some people enjoying the look of pots and pans hanging. Others will want to have a look that is uncluttered and clean. If you are not someone who cooks very often, you may want to think about storing all of your pots and pans either in a closed cabinet or pantry so that they are not collecting dust and/or grease.

Kitchen Storage Ideas for Pans and Pots

If you want to have your pans in clear view, go with a suspended pot rack. The obvious choice for a storage option here will be a pot rack that you can suspend over a kitchen peninsula or island. Just be sure that the rack is mounted up high enough so that everyone’s head is going to clear the cookware, yet not too high so that you are unable to reach everything. It is not all that uncommon for pot racks to be made from recycled window frames, ladders or doors.

Linear Wall Rack
If you want to have a more streamlined look, you can arrange pots and pants in a line on your wall by way of a linear rack. A linear rack is going to be nice if you want to have easy access to your pots and pans, yet without them taking center stage in your space. This is also a smarter option if you have a smaller kitchen, such as a galley, as it will take up much less space.

above pot and pan shelfAbove Range Shelf

When you use your cookware daily, you can look for storage on a shelf that is just above the range. If you have your cookware out in the open and it is used for cooking often, you will need to have a vent that is able to pull the grease out of the air and an exhaust that brings it outside so that all for the pots and pans will not be covered in grease.

Hung Under The Island

If you have an island and you are not sure if you want to have pots and pans hanging in the open, you can hang them under your island with the right hardware.

Deep Drawers

This will work beautifully for storing your cookware. However, if you love to cook, you need to make sure that you have enough drawer space to set all of the pots and pans in one layer. They will be easier to see and to reach in and pull out. Separate areas for lids will also help to keep the drawers neat and simple to use.

DIY Shelf Kits are an excellent option for these situations, and you can retrofit them to any space. Doing-it-yourself keeps the investment down and allows you to customize your storage options. Pull out shelves can support up to 100lbs and we all know that stacked pots can get quite heavy!