Six Upgrades To Your Kitchen In A Weekend

6 Upgrades You Can Make To Your Kitchen In Just A Weekend

Fortunately, it is still possible for your kitchen to be the place that you cherish and love – a place that you don’t merely tolerate but truly enjoy. The following 6 small changes are all easy upgrades you can do that will go a very long way towards making you feel more upbeat and organized while in your kitchen.

1. Change or Add Lighting

kitchen lighting upgradeIf you have dim lighting in your kitchen, or you don’t like the overhead fixture, simple change it! It is a lot easier than it might sound to change overhead light fixtures. You may also want to consider under-cabinet lighting. Just that one change you might you feel like you’ve literally finally seen the light.

2. Change shelf or drawer liners.

Do you even remember when you changed your shelf liners last? Or maybe you don’t have any. When you lay a fresh nonstick liner down it gives you the chance to empty out the cabinets (and then put everything back in a more organized way), and also clean out your drawers or cabinets so that you can have a fresh start. Non-slip liners have many different uses.

3. Add a rug

My kitchen used to have ugly, gray laminate floors. It made such a big difference when I bought a red 4′ x 6′ cotton rug and put it on top a few years ago. Since then I have upgraded to FLOR tiles. They were quite easy to install. They have held up very well, and I vacuum them often.

4. Replace your faucet

It is a very straightforward and simple way of upgrading your kitchen, especially if it is a rental. Anyone can do this! Although it is true that faucets can get expensive, it is possible to get single-handle faucets as cheap as $80, and high arched, nicer faucet spouts for around $150. For something that you will using many times a day, that is a small investment to make.

5. Update your hardware

kitchen-hardware-upgradesReplacing your old pulls or knobs with something more decorative or modern can truly transform how your cabinets look, especially if you have bland, contractor-grade ones.

6. Add drawer organizers and/or pull-out shelves.

Organizer inserts and Miracle Shelves can really help you feel that you are more in control of your own kitchen.