Miracle Shelves That Slide Featured On Houzz.com!

Miracle Shelves open their e-commerce store this week and the brand has already appeared on major Home Design Networks and DIY Blogs. RJ Shaw, the company’s co-founder, was interviewed by home professional and contributor Renissa Barnwell from Houzz.com. Mr. Shaw discussed the role of his company, Miracle Shelves, for the new age home owner.

“Our current pre-launch customers point out convenience and accessibility as the primary benefits, followed quickly by design.” stated Mr. Shaw. “They offer a completely customizable storage solution for cabinets, cupboards and pantries. Depending on the DIY skill level of the customer, they can retrofit these shelves to any space and blend them in with the layout.”

Mr. Shaw’s feedback inspired Ms. Barnwell to become a fan. She notes in her interview update that she was impressed with the obvious benefits of Miracle Shelves, and she plans to be their first customer when they launch.

Miracle Shelves officially launch on January 2, 2017, and their intimate team of carpenters and designers have tasked themselves with creating affordable DIY shelving kits for the average home owner. They plan to unroll more product mid-2017.

Renisa Barnwell

“… make sure you order pull out shelves at the right time (2-3 week delivery window), and they are handy when you are ready to install them. If you’re a tad-bit handy and are wanting to keep it DIY, you should opt for retrofits. There are plenty of DIY shelving kits available, such as ones from Miracle Shelves™.

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