Osteoporosis Risk Factors In The Kitchen, And Prevention

Osteoporosis affects domestic life in a variety of ways. Many people, especially the elderly, are restricted in their ability to do household chores and keep up with them when they have osteoporosis. Still, others have no issues whatsoever in their ability to keep up.

osteoperosis-kitchen-daily-lifeWe currently have six customers suffering from osteoporosis, and they have Miracle Shelves installed in their older kitchen storage spaces to aid them with their day-to-day. With the onset of this disease, this group of people stated that they did need to change how they did their everyday chores and meal preparation; they were still able to keep up, they just needed new ways to eliminate potential injury and consider osteoporosis risk factors. A particular customer, Carol, stated that she now bends at her knees and is able to lift objects close to her body, and she is more focused on how she carries her back.

It’s of course, it’s vital to understand that osteoporosis makes you more vulnerable to broken bones. You’ll be at an increased risk if you’re not practicing safe methods to lift and bend. Our Miracle Shelves team prides themselves on adding shelving convenience and storage accessibility to all our customers — and with this group it was more apparent.

We also had to learn about the illness when advising which kits would be best to install. We learned that their bones are more prone to fracture than that of you and I. They have to learn how to move differently and focus on safer practices for lifting and bending. They won’t be able to do things as they did previously. For more information on osteoporosis causes and risk factors, you can check out the National Osteoporosis Foundation; their info will help you, like it did with our preliminary research, on understanding what this disease is, as well as recognize the signs and symptoms of osteoporosis.

It is definitely challenging to retrofit someone’s home based on health needs, but it’s vital to look after your well being and prevention of injury. By simplifying and organizing new methods of doing things for our customers, they can focus on what is truly important in their life.